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It couldn't be more natural!



Our experiences with olive oil from Italy.

A lot of olive oil is offered in Germany, but the origin is doubtful and is often not clearly communicated.

If it is not clearly from Italy, but only of European origin!

Olive oils are mixed, which is quite normal in cooperatives, the taste is adjusted with certain additions or special cuvées.

It is no longer comprehensible what is actually in it in the end. The border to the illegal is diffuse.  Trust is the order of the day.


Our olive oil (Il nostro Olio)

Olive trees on red soil.

Lots of sun, little water.

Not more.

And people with a lot of expertise

and love.

Our 25 olive trees and our neighbor's 200 grow on red soil near Ceglie Messapica and Martina Franca. Planted approx. 60 years they are now cherished and cared for by people with a lot of heart and soul.

Robert Kiss, professor of biology, who has left cancer research behind and has been cultivating natural olives in Apulia for several years, also takes care of our olive grove with care and expertise.


For years there has been no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We fight the parasites of the olive tree only with mechanical tools, never using chemicals!


Good olive oil needs a well-organized harvest and subsequent pressing. Traditional, cold pressed.

Our olive oil is stored cold and then bottled

at least 2 years shelf life.

Our olive oil has a distinctive character and an oleic acid content > 0.3%, which is well below the maximum acidity of 0.8% stipulated by law.


The label or the price say little about the quality; the decisive factors are the time and type of harvest, processing in the mill and ultimately the taste.

The taste of our olive oil is pure and unadulterated.

We don't mix different oils to achieve a special taste, we accept the taste of nature.


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