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Our products are made from original fabrics. All fabrics are handpicked by us and individually reassembled for each individual piece. This means that every coat, every dress, every detail is unique and therefore unique - like the woman who wears it.

Not a remake or fashionable vintage.  

The decisive factor here is the stylish composition of the fabrics leading to the creation of wearable, elegant individual pieces that are an expression of the modern woman's self-confidence.  

We pay special attention to Uzbek Suzanis and silk ikats. Both types of fabric are effective due to their high-quality embroidery and intense colors.


It is not uncommon for them to stand for ethnic rituals, wealth and prestige in their countries of origin. Suzanis are made by women in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as wedding dowries for their daughters or used as wall decorations for the yurts. The ikat is made in Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Guatemala and in countries of the Silk Road - its production is one of the oldest textile finishes in the world.  



                       Marion Frey is in demand as a make-up artist and stylist for advertising and fashion photography and has traveled worldwide. Because of her job, inspiration and creativity are her daily companions.


However, she not only expresses her dreamlike sense of style for her customers at high fashion shootings, but also has shoemaking with her two guesthouses in the Rheingau  and  property  made their own irrepressible creative power visually accessible to the public.


           But creativity is such a thing… it wants to express itself… and so Marion has realized her latest project MOHANI, in which her passion for ethnic fabrics breaks ground. Women who wear their decorative one-of-a-kind coats and silk dresses can finally enjoy their creativity up close.  

                                                     Cornel Frey, as a creative counterpart, also comes from the advertising world and, as a designer and

Creative  Director to show at least as intimate insights into this industry.


The duo not only complement each other perfectly in their private lives, so he lends a hand as a hands-on creative in the guesthouses and is also responsible for marketing, the website and controlling of the joint projects.  

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