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ZEIT Travel Special


Many thanks to the editors of ZEIT. We are very happy about the article in the Travel Special issue and are very proud of it.

Bravo to the journalist and photographer for the sensitive text and the great photos.

The apples have now all been eaten

Hotels to fall in love with


Oases of peace, places of longing, hideaways - when we are looking for the perfect place for a break, we don't just want any hotel, but a house with personality.

A space where a simple overnight stay becomes an unforgettable stay.
A hotel whose flair and special history touch us and whose hosts have a noticeable love for every detail. In such a place we don't just stay, we revive, feel inspired and enchanted.


The authors of ZEIT found 45 exceptional hotels on their travels in Europe, and their texts convey what makes these hotels and their hosts so uniquely charming. 

A book to dream about and to plan your vacation, for everyone who wants to experience something special.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-04 um 17.35.29.png
by Tina Schneider-Rading,  pressed  publisher
Worth it!

What could be nicer than waking up relaxed in a comfortable bed and sitting down at the lovingly set breakfast table? »Breakfast included« brings together the 27 most beautiful bed & breakfasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: small owner-managed gems that impress with their charm and their local peculiarities.


Whether it's an idyllic inn, a sophisticated city villa, a traditional winery or a stylish industrial loft - each B&B has its own individual style and history. The operators tell about this in personal reports, accompanied by wonderful interior photos that portray these special places in detail.


Supplemented by practical start-up tips for everyone who dreams of their own B&B, the volume awakens the desire to travel in local areas and to explore undiscovered treasures on your own doorstep.

And we in the middle!


being here takes it away from you. Your search for special, sustainable accommodation in Germany. Each one is very unique. keeper of traditions. Bold future visionaries. Natural beauties. Real design miracles.


hiersein introduces you to hosts who are committed to sustainability. In a variety of ways. For a better future. Shows big and small approaches that make the difference. Sometimes with quiet matter-of-factness, sometimes with rousing passion.


Just let yourself go. Surprise how colorful sustainability is. And how nice it is to be here.

Guesthouse Liegenschaft-

And how nice it is to be here.

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